This is me, I am 6ft tall, blue hair, lip ring and curvy. I understand that this means I don’t look too much like your average female. This of course means that I am usually the one in the group who endures a lot of staring. There is usually no problems with this for me. I have always made it a point to draw a lot of attention to myself.I enjoy the stares and the double takes, they usually make me smile.

While spending the weekend in Richmond Hill, I discovered that at least in a hick town like Hinesville, people still use that good ole “southern hospitality” that I like to take a lot of pride in. Now when I was very young, my mother taught me how to stare at people and keep my voice down while pointing them out to her without being rude. I vaguely remember being told to walk to the buffet at a restaurant if I really needed to take a good look at someone behind me. Even if I were to turn and look at someone that I want to make fun of, I would smile like nothing happened and save that conversation for a later time.

In Richmond Hill, everyone seems to think they are better than the person standing a few feet away. I understand that my appearance is a good enough reason to have a laugh and all but seriously, I know your talking about me when you look me dead in the eye and then talk to the person next to you. Also, It doesn’t take much talent to read lips. At least in Hinesville, people will wait until I have walked away or turned around. Even then, if someone around here thinks my appearance is bad, they usually tell me. In Richmond Hill, most people are just good enough to talk about you while your around but after being approached, they ignore it. I understand that living in Hinesville all my life and having blue hair is a good reason to think I’m stupid, but once I present you with the idea that I’m not…well, you understand my point by now right?


As I type this latest entry, I feel compelled to let you know that it probably won’t be anything special. I am going to post a few pictures to prove my points on why this town sucks so bad. So, if you are interested in reading something filled with negativity and sarcasm, then here’s the post for you!

Now, this picture was taken in front of Wal-Mart (see first blog for reference). This is my best friend Daniel(see second blog for reference) smoking a cigarette. Before I get some grief about how smoking is bad, I would just like to point out that in this town, there is really nothing else to do once you hit 18. That was my first point, the amount of nothing to do in this town is causing our teenagers to break the law and do things that will later on give us cancer. The crappyness of Hinesville is causing health problems to teenagers at  young ages. My next point, is that this picture was taken in front of Wal-Mart. I have taken the same picture in front of a different “no loitering”  sign located on a pole not very far from where Daniel is. Just another reason to hate this town. There is still nothing to do. After 18 years of being here, there is nothing worth doing. Still. So Daniel and I, being 18 and 19 years old are still going to Wal-Mart just to take pictures to post on facebook. Even technology has advanced past our town, I remember when I was posting things like this on myspace. For example:


This is the proof that I spend way too much time around Wal-Mart. I haven’t actually seen this person in a little over 2 years and I know that this picture was taken long before we stopped speaking. Its just sickening that this is really all we can figure out to do after all this time.


One more thing, this picture was taken over 3 years ago. You see Daniel and David(last picture) along with Terry. You cannot see his face but I have known him since the fourth grade. That is the only good thing I have to hold on to. All three boys in that picture are still close friends of mine. Now you may notice that this picture is a little different compared to the others but still, its in front of Wal-Mart. We got a little creative and did change to the other side of the front of the store(instead of by the no loitering sign), but this was before we were all of age and allowed to be out past town curfew.

Which brings me to my last point of the day for why this town sucks, town curfew. If you are under the age of 18 after the hours of midnight any night, any asshole cop who wants to can pull you over. The cops around here get some sort of sick thrill from calling the parents of minors. It happens. A lot.

I think I might be done complaining for today. I wonder if anyone has actually read this yet.




Welcome to Hinesville!

We have a lot to offer in this seemingly “boring” town!

Located in the middle of central nothing, I guess theres really not too much to tell. But i guess the only way to make a place interesting is to tell people about it.

For starters, we have wal mart.  Thats kind of like the mall of this place. People like to meet there and get kicked out when theres nothing else to do on a friday night. You see, it costs about 30 dollars on average in just gas money to get anywhere interesting around here. then, it costs twice as much to do anything fun. Trust me, I have been here 18 years now and things around here just never change.  We have an over abundance of army boys around here because “the ville” is right next to an army base. Notice my clever use of the word “boys” in that last sentence. Thats because most of them are boys, not the “men” that you would expect from the army. This may seem uninteresting and it probably is, unless your an underage girl fresh into high school. Thats because the boys in this town have nothing better to do than get with stupid girls who are more than willing to give anything to be with an army “man”.

If dating the military man isnt your scene then we have plenty of other options for fun things to do. Most people around here dont start having fun until their 21st birthday. Thats not because you can drink at that age. It means you finally get invited to all the underage parties so you can buy the beer. Thats another thing, most people around here are only into playing beerpong. If your going to be a drinker, beer is what your gonna get. Unless of course your the drug doing type. Then congrats! you have officially found the land of the worst drugs and the most cops squished into one area. Theres almost no way to not get caught and usually a few friends are dragged down in the process. Exciting isnt it?

So for anybody out there reading this, please dont get mad if my blogs are less than thrilling. After my explanation of the town so far, i would like to believe that its pretty acceptable.

i have had the same friends for as long as i can remember. while reading earlier, i remembered a time when i was 4 and i was riding around in a battery powered barbie jeep with my (to this day) best guy friend. its a little comforting to know that while im in hinesville i will always have people to turn to. its kind of nice to be able to walk around town and say, “oh, thats where i had my first kiss” or, “i fell off my bike so many times over there”. as much as i complain about how small and worthless this town is, its always cool to know who i can trust. after all these years, i think i finally figured  it out.

ages 4 and 5    

Daniel Robert, Samantha Dawn

Believe it or not, those are the same 2 people, after 10+ years we are still attached at the hip. he is my best friend and i dont think thats ever going to change. so yeah, living in a small town isnt so bad.